Since 2006, multi-disciplinary partners have collaborated at the Family Safety Center (FSC) to achieve best practices in family safety with respect and support for the dignity, autonomy, privacy and choices of the individuals seeking safety and services. They work together to ensure an effective, economical and efficient community response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. During 2012, the Family Safety Center (FSC) staff and partners located on site saw 2,349 clients that requested assistance with domestic violence-related issues. In 2013, the FSC saw 2,112 clients and so far in 2014, the FSC has seen 2,223 clients. 86.9% of FSC’s clients are female, and 68.4% are betrween the ages of 25 and 59. 100% of clients visiting the FSC for domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking received safety planning assistance respecting the autonomy and choices of the individuals in implementing all or parts of the plan.