Seeking Safety While Safer-At-Home

If you or someone you know is in Tulsa and are experiencing abuse during the Safer-at-Home order for the Spring 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, use these resources to seek safety.

Victims of abuse will not get in legal trouble for leaving their homes or current location to seek safety. Victims and their families can access services and assistance by calling 911, 211 Eastern Oklahoma, the DVIS 24-Hour Information & Crisis Line at (918) 743-5763, and Family Safety Center at (918) 742-7480.

While staying at home helps slow the spread of COVID-19, we recognize it isn’t necessarily the safest option for everyone. You do not have to wait until stay-at-home orders are lifted to seek safety from a threatening situation. In addition to @DVISTulsa and @FSCTulsa, several other resources are available that can be used to help remove you or anyone you know from a dangerous situation.

Services and public resources are still available for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault even during stay-at-home orders.

You can access the full list of resources by clicking the link(s) below:

In English: Domestic Violence Resources During COVID-19

En Español: Domestic Violence Resources During COVID-19